We are proud of our Mont-Saint-Michel terroir and our rich traditions, and we would like to share them with the world.

We have created a special range of condiments: “Un Brin Sauvage”.

Easy to use, our seasonings will bring a little bit of our Bay directly to your plate, and can be adapted to suit any dish.




Sel de Guérande aux algues de Bretagne pot


Guérande Sea Salt with Algae

Made using Guérande Sea Salt, dried sea mustard, onion, and white pepper, our Sel de Guérande with Algae is rich in vitamins and minerals and will bring a delicate salty flavour to your fish and seafood.

Recipe ideas:

Add a few pinches to the juices of a cod fillet as it cooks.

Add a dash to a salmon wrap with a bit of lemon juice.

Sprinkle over grilled sea bass just before it’s done.

Add a pinch to a spoonful of cream for a delicate sauce.

Mélange pour poisson pot


Our special spice blend for fish

Blending the aromas of fennel, anise, onion, garlic, and coriander, specially designed to bring the best out of your fish. Containing the characteristic flavours of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, fennel, onion, and garlic, our Special spice blend for fish goes perfectly with the most caught fish off our coast: mackerel!

Recipe ideas:

A pinch in some butter melted over pan-fried rainbow smelt.

A pinch stirred into some olive oil and a spoonful of mustard, spread on grilled mackerel.

Add a pinch to a spoonful of cream for a delicately flavoured sauce.



Sel de Guérande aux Herbes de Provence pot

Guérande Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence

Containing Guérande Sea Salt, a mixture of traditional French aromatic herbs, onion, and black pepper, our Guérande Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence is perfect for seasoning roast salt-meadow lamb!

Recipe ideas:

Rub the lamb with oil and the Guérande Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence before roasting. And that’s all!

Add a pinch to a grilled rib of beef (or any other cut of red meat).

Add a few pinches to the water when cooking rice or vegetables.



Sel de Guérande au Piment de Cayenne pot

Guérande Sea Salt with Cayenne Pepper

A blend of Guérande Sea Salt, cayenne pepper, and dried tomatoes, this seasoning is very popular in the Bay for use with white meats.  The pepper is dosed to bring some added warmth to your meal without overpowering the meat. It is also delicious with fish, with a dash of lime juice.

Recipe ideas:

A marinade for chicken: Guérande Sea Salt with cayenne pepper and dried tomatoes, olive oil, and lime juice (marinate for at least 2 hours).

A few pinches in homemade tomato sauce, spread on grilled pork ribs.

A pinch on some scallops or shrimp, grilled or flambé with dark rum.



Persillade pot


Persillade is the flavours of the Bay in concentrate: parsley, garlic, onion, and a dash of salt. It is a condiment that’s easy to use, and an essential part of our everyday cuisine.

It can season anything: vegetables, salads, meat, and fish. Make sure that you only add it to the pan at the last minute so that it doesn’t burn and lose its flavour!

Recipe ideas:

A few pinches in a vinaigrette for salads and raw vegetables (grated carrots, green salads, etc.).

A pinch in some Provençale tomatoes.

Bouchot mussels, white wine, and a pinch or persillade: all you need for some traditional moules marinières!

A spoonful in crème fraiche spread on a side of grilled pork.

Add a pinch to a grilled rib of beef (or any other cut of red meat).


Our condiments are also available in mills: