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Our terroir

Baie du Mont Saint Michel


The local produce that is the inspiration behind our “Un Brin Sauvage” range comes from the area over which stands sentinel the Mont-Saint-Michel, between the sea and the shingle beach.

Owing to its geological makeup, the Bay is the perfect place for farming oysters and bouchot mussel, for fishing at sea, for growing a range of vegetables, garlic, onions, carrots, and cabbages, and for breeding salt-meadow lamb.


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Our products


Our seasonings will bring a little bit of our Bay directly to your plate.

Easy to use, they can be adapted to any recipe.


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ILL. Cuisinier Sel

Our promise

ILL. D1M encadré

Certified by the Ille et Vilaine Chamber of Crafts

We are artisan producers committed to sustainable development and supporting environmentally friendly farming.


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