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To bring you the highest quality condiments, we treat our products with the utmost respect, and make them using artisan techniques.


Sustainable Development


Our Un Brin Sauvage values drive us to grow though quality and innovation rather than volume. We are committed to a sustainable development policy built upon four pillars: cultural, social, environmental, and commercial.

We support green farming by obtaining ECOCERT organic certification for our products.
In partnership with the Manoir des Abeilles, in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, a garden of aromatic herbs and nectar plants is gently growing. A few hives installed on the site produce honey and wax. Open to visitors, the garden will teach you about little-known aromatic plants. As soon as it is able, the garden will also provide some of the aromatic herbs used in the Un Brin Sauvage blends.


Analysis, traceability, expertise

At a time when food security is a major issue for our society, we are committed to providing products that meet our taste criteria, come from verified sources, and have not been processed in any way.